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Star Garnet Tumbled Stones

Star Garnet Tumbled Stones

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These pieces of Star Garnet are absolutely exquisite! I was so excited to find these and am thrilled to offer them to you. Star Garnet (aka Almandine Garnet) has the unique quality of displaying star-like patterns when it hits the light. I have done my best to capture this amazing stone in photos. Each piece is large and of exceptional quality. Though please note that Garnet is by nature, a tad crackly.

This listing is for one (1 )Star Garnet. We are offering this in two sizes - Medium (23-29 mm - .90" - 1.14" chunky) and Large (30-36 mm - 1.18" - 1.42" ). Please choose your size preference from the drop-down menu. Please contact me if you would like to hand pick your stone. Your satisfaction is extremely important to me.

Your crystal will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag.


Crystal Lore: Star Garnet has many wonderful metaphysical properties. Strongly aligned with the base chakra, it grounds, protects and enhances vitality. Uniquely, it also helps to align the energies of the base chakra to the crown chakra and to ground spiritual energies into the physical.

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