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Rutilated and Amphibole Quartz Dome Pair

Rutilated and Amphibole Quartz Dome Pair

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This pair of mini domes from Brazil are absolutely gorgeous! They are packed full of beautiful red inclusions.

Dome #1 is Amphibole (or Angel Phantom) quartz. This dome measures 41 x 28 x 31 mm (1.61" x 1.10" x 1.22") and weighs 37 g (1.3 oz).

Dome #2 is Rutilated Quartz. This dome measures 32 x 29 x 23 mm (1.25" x 1.14" x .90") and weighs 33 g (1.2 oz).

These crystals are beautifully polished with a flat bottom for easy display. They would make a wonderful addition to any crystal collection.

This crystal measures 54 x 41 x 29 mm (2.12" x 1.61" x 1.14") and weighs 3.1 oz (88 g).

Your crystals will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag and with a free gift.


Crystal Lore: 

Amphibole Quartz (also known as Angel Phantom Quartz), is known for having a strong connection to the angelic realm. Use Amphibole Quartz to better connect to your angels and guides. This crystal is also known to be very calming and to bring an overall sense of serenity and well-being. 

Besides being prized for its beautiful rutile inclusions, Rutilated Quartz has many powerful metaphysical properties. It has been known to represent both the lovely, golden hair of Venus and the “sweet tipped” arrows of love. Known as an illuminator of the soul, it assists with spiritual growth and helps one bring about positive changes in their life. It repels negative energy, helps to stabilize relationships and assists one in achieving balance on all levels.

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