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Rainbow Fluorite XXL Tumbled Stones ~ Palm Stones

Rainbow Fluorite XXL Tumbled Stones ~ Palm Stones

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These XXL Fluorite tumbled stones are absolutely stunning! They are delightfully large and possess such vibrant colors. They would make a spectacular addition to any crystal collection.

This listing is for one (1) XXL Fluorite stone which measures 68-86 mm (2.67" - 3,38") and weighs 303-352 g (10.7 - 12.4 oz).  Please note that as these stones are products of nature, they may have natural imperfections (i.e. crevices and caves) on them. 

Notes on specific stones: Stone #7 has a chip on the bottom. It makes up for this flaw with its beautiful patterning and unusual size. At 352 g, it is the largest of the stones. 

Stone #14 is self-standing.

Your stone will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag and with a free gift. 


Crystal Lore: Fluorite is believed to assist with mental clarity and in clearing negativity on all levels. 

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