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Natural Citrine Pendant

Natural Citrine Pendant

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These Natural Citrine pendants are absolutely gorgeous! Their quality is absolutely exquisite! Natural Citrine is not easy to source, the majority of the Citrine on the market being heat-treated. These crystals are 100% natural and come from Brazil.

This pendant is set in 925 Sterling Silver. Pendants 1-5 measure 34-38 mm (1.33" - 1.49") with the bail, Pendants 6-10 measure 34-44 mm (1.33" - 1.73") with the bail, Pendants 11-15 measure 30-37 mm (1.18" - 1.45"), Pendants 16-22 measure 39-49 mm (1.53" - 1.92").

PENDANT 13 is slightly flawed with some crevices. It is perfectly imperfect. Price reduced in acknowledgement of the flaws.

Please contact me if you need to see more pictures of a piece that you are interested in. Your satisfaction is extremely important to me.

I have numbered the pendants so that you can choose yours. Please choose the one that calls to you from the drop-down menu.'


Crystal Lore: Besides being prized for its gorgeous golden hue, Citrine has many wonderful metaphysical properties. It is a powerhouse manifestation and abundance stone, is protective and also activates the Solar Plexus -- the energy center of personal power. It is an absolute must for every crystal collection.

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