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Moldavite Crescent Pendant

Moldavite Crescent Pendant

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These Moldavite pendants are truly magical. They are beautifully set in a fine 925 Sterling silver bezel with a gorgeous crescent moon and a star flourish on the bail. 

Moldavite, a tektite, is a rare and magical crystal that only comes from the Czech Republic. 

This listing is for one (1) Moldavite Pendant. These pendants measure 29-45 mm (1.14" - 1.77") including the bail.

Pendant #1 measures 29 mm (1.14").

Pendant #2 measures 33 mm (1.29").

Pendant #3 measures 34 mm (1.33").

Pendant #4 measures 34 mm (1.33").

Pendant #5 measures 34 mm (1.33").

Pendant #6 measures 45 mm (1.77").

Pendant #7 measures 43 mm (1.69").

Pendant #8 measures 43 mm (1.69").

These pendants are numbered for your convenience so that you can choose the exact one that will be sent to you. Please select the pendant that calls to you from the drop-down menu. 

You also have the option of including a beautiful 20" chain. This chain is 925 Sterling Silver and was made in Italy.


Crystal Lore: Moldavite is an extremely high vibrational stone that is believed to help facilitate spiritual growth, transformation and and otherworldly contact. 

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