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Fire & Ice Quartz Towers

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These Fire & Ice quartz mini towers from Brazil are absolutely gorgeous. They are remarkably clear and full of rainbows. Fire & Ice quartz is formed when clear quartz crystals are heated then doused with cold water. In addition to making stunning additions to one’s décor, quartz crystals have been prized since ancient times for their metaphysical properties. They are famous amplifiers and a wonderful all-purpose crystal. It is said that one can program them with their intent, to assist in manifesting countless blessings in one’s life. The quartz crystal is a must-have for every crystal lover.

This listing is for one (1) Fire & Ice quartz generator which measures 36-72 mm (1.41" - 2.83").

Crystals 1-4 measure 36-42 mm (1.41" - 1.65").
Crystals 5-8 measure 41-47 mm (1.61" - 1.85").
Crystals 9-12 measure 42-53 mm (1.41" - 2.08").
Crystals 13-16 measure 45.5-51 mm (1.79" - 2.00").
Crystals 17-20 measure 43-55 mm (1.69" - 2.16").
Crystals 21-24 measure 53-72 mm (2.08" - 2.83").

They are priced according to size and weight.These pictures depict our currently inventory. Please choose the crystal that calls to you from the drop-down menu.

This is probably this nicest batch I have ever offered. The quality and clarity of these crystals is amazing! Though please note that as a product made by nature, these crystals may have tiny imperfections on them.

Your generator will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag and with a free gift.