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Chrysocolla & Malachite Specimen

Chrysocolla & Malachite Specimen

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This Chrysocolla and Malachite specimen is absolutely stunning! Hailing from the Republic of the Congo, It has pockets of botryodial Chrysocolla interspersed with Malachite. It would make a wonderful addition to any crystal collection. 

This crystal measures approximately 109 x 56 x 25 mm (4.29" x 2.20" x .98") and weighs 231 g (8.1 oz). 

Your crystal will come to you with a free gift. 


Crystal Lore

Strongly aligned with the throat chakra, Chrysocolla assists with communication. It is a wonderful stone for artists, musicians and teachers. It also clears negativity of all kinds and assists with relationships – especially in clearing up misunderstandings.

Known as the "stone of transformation", Malachite assists in drawing out negativity and getting to the root of one's problems. It has also been traditionally worn (or carried)  for protection in travel. 

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