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Angelite Tumbled Stones

Angelite Tumbled Stones

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These large Angelite tumbled stones from Peru are truly stunning.  

This listing is for one large Angelite tumbled stone which measures 1.1" - 1.3" at its widest point. Each piece was handpicked for its exceptional beauty, quality and size. Your crystal will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag.

**A special note on this stone.** If you would like to cleanse the stone, do not put it in water. That will dissolve the finish and cause the stone to fade a bit. We would recommend running the stone through the smoke of burning white sage and/or placing it on a piece of Selenite.


Crystal Lore: Angelite is a gentle healing stone that is thought to enhance one's connection with the Angelic Realm. Strongly aligned with the throat chakra, it assists one in speaking their truth. It also is believed to help one to be more compassionate and loving and to better accept things as they are. 

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