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Amazonite Tumbled Stones

Amazonite Tumbled Stones

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These are some of the most beautiful Amazonite stones I have ever seen. Each piece is large and full of color. Some of the pieces have some inclusions of Smoky Quartz.

This listing is for one large tumbled Amazonite crystal. These stones range in size from 27-49mm 1.06 - 1.92". Each was handpicked for quality. Though please keep in mind that as this product was made by nature, it many have tiny imperfections.

Your crystal will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag.


Crystal Lore: In metaphysical circles, Amazonite has long been prized for its healing qualities. Among other things, it is believed to not only enhance one's ability to speak their truth, it is also protects one from harmful radiation emitted from electronic devices. 

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