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Rubellite Tumbled Stones

Rubellite Tumbled Stones

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These rare, large Rubellite (aka Red Tourmaline or Plum Tourmaline) tumbled stones are absolutely stunning. I was thrilled to find these on my last trip to a favorite supplier and am very excited to offer these to you. 

This listing is for one (1) Rubelllite tumbled stone which measures 38-46 mm (1.49-1.81"). Your stone will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag.


Crystal Lore: Carrying an extremely loving, uplifting and calming energy, Rubellite helps to relieve stress and revitalize one's passion for living. This beautiful stone can assist in manifesting love and wealth in one's life and provides strength and support during different times. It is a truly wonderful stone to have in one's arsenal.

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