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Rainbow Fluorite Towers

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Fluorite is one of my favorite crystals. Known as "the most colorful crystal", it is an essential for every crystal collection and also makes such a beautiful addition to one's home décor.

This listing is for one (1) fluorite tower which measures 1.22" - 2.44" (31-62 mm). Most are about 2". Each piece was handpicked for beauty and quality. Though please bear in mind that as these crystals are products of nature, they may have tiny imperfections on them. Pictures 2-9 depict our current inventory. These crystals are priced according to size and weight. Please choose the crystal that calls to you from the drop-down menu.

1-29 are Mini -- Perfect for Jewelry making, 30-61 are thicker and heavier and are Small-Medium.


Crystals 1 -14 measure 39-59 mm (1.53" - 2.32")

Crystals 7-14 measure 36-46 mm (1.41" - 1.81")

Crystals 15-22 measure 41-51 mm (1.61" - 2")

Crystals 23-29 measure 54-62 mm (2.12" - 2.44")



Crystals 30-37 measure 36-43 mm (1.41" - 1.69") 

Crystals 38-45 measure 48-56 mm (1.88" - 2.20") 

Crystals 46-54 measure  46-58 mm (1.81" - 2.28") 

Crystals 55-61 measure 46-56 mm (1.81 - 2.20")

Crystals 62-66 measure 45-55 mm (1.77" - 2.16") ) #64 is cut a bit asymmetrically in the back.

If you have never purchased a Fluorite piece before, please note that the saturation of Fluorite varies according to the light in which it is placed. This current batch was photographed both in sunshine and in overcast. These crystals are at their brightest in sunlight. They look particularly amazing on a window sill. More photographs of individual crystals are always available upon request. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your purchase. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Your tower will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag and with a free gift.