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Quartz Crystal Specimen ~ Large

Quartz Crystal Specimen ~ Large

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This large quartz crystal specimen is absolutely gorgeous! It is delightfully large and features some lovely inclusions of Chlorite. It would make a spectacular addition to any crystal collection and to one's home décor.

This large crystal measures 156 x 99 x 70 mm (6.14" x 3.89" x 2.75") and weighs 2 pounds, 1 oz (936 g).

Your crystal will come to you with a free gift.


Crystal Lore: In addition to making stunning additions to one’s décor, quartz crystals have been prized since ancient times for their metaphysical properties. They are famous amplifiers and a wonderful all-purpose crystal. It is said that one can program them with their intent, to assist in manifesting countless blessings in one’s life. They are also believed to amplify the properties of any other crystal that they are placed next to. 

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