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Phantom Quartz Towers

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These little Phantom Quartz towers from Brazil are absolutely beautiful and feature stunning Phantoms. Phantom Quartz is very special. It forms through other minerals washing over the main crystal during its growth cycle. The result is beautiful pyramid-like formations within the quartz crystal. 

This listing is for one (1) Phantom quartz tower. Please note as these are products made by nature, they may have slight imperfections on them. Pictures 2-8 depict the pieces we currently have in stock. These crystals range in size from 22-56 mm. (.86" - 2.28") In general, the shorter ones are wider, the taller ones are narrower.

Crystals 1-16, 20-23 are Small, Crystals 17-19 are Medium. Please observe the measurements to determine whether they are right for you. 

Crystal 1-20 are MINI

Crystals 1--4 stand 24-29 mm. (.94" - 1.14")
Crystals 5-8 stand 22-29 mm (.86" - 1.14")
Crystals 9-12 stand 22-25 mm (.86" - .98")
Crystals 13-16 stand 31-44 mm (1.22" - 1.73")
Crystals 17-20 stand 24-56 mm (.94" - 2.20") This last group is slightly flawed (i.e. chipped) and offered at a reduced rate in acknowledgement of the flaws.

Crystal 21-42 are MEDIUM
Crystal 21-42 measure 40-58 mm (1.57" - 2.28"). These crystals are much thicker, larger and heavier than the previous group. Most of the crystals are about 44 mm (1.73")

Crystals #22 and #26 have a small chip at the tip.

#31 has unique inclusions of Hematite

Please choose the crystal that calls to you from the drop-down menu.

Your crystal will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag and with a free gift.