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Garden Quartz Tower ~ Large

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This large Garden Quartz Tower is such a work of art! I wish that pictures could do it justice! It has a beautiful little Chlorite-included world going on inside of it. It also features some beautiful rainbows and very unique lines on one side. It is beautifully polished with a natural backside. This is definitely one of the most striking and unique crystals I have ever sourced. It would make a wonderful addition to any crystal collection.

Garden Quartz is also known as Lodolite, Landscape Quartz or Scenic Quartz, for this beautiful crystal reminds one of scenic landscapes, gardens and underwater scenes.

This large delightfully chunky crystal measures 91 x 71 x 52mm (1.81" x 1.25" x.94") and weighs 437 g (15.4 oz).

Your crystal will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag and with a free gift