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Amethyst Towers ~ Small

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These little amethyst towers from Brazil are absolutely gorgeous and of such fine quality! They are such a beautifully vibrant purple hue and are full of interesting inclusions and rainbows.

This listing is for one (1) Amethyst tower.

Crystal #1 measures 41 x 36 x 28 mm and weighs 61 g (2.1 oz). (1.61" x 1.41" x 1.10"). This crystal has a lovely little inclusion of hematite.

Crystal 2 measures 47 x 29 x 27 mm (1.85" x 1.14"x 1.06"), This crystal has lovely rainbows.

Crystal 3 measures 41 x 29 x 25 mm (1.61" x 1.14" x .98"). This crystal has lovely rainbows.

These crystals are of the high quality -- though please note that as products of nature, they are slightly imperfect.

Please choose the crystal that calls to you from the drop-down menu.

Your crystal will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag and with a free gift.