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Amethyst Phantom Quartz Point

Amethyst Phantom Quartz Point

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This rare Amethyst Phantom Quartz Point is so unique and beautiful. It would make a wonderful addition to any crystal collection. 

This crystal measures 1,54" x 1.38" x .85". 

Your crystal will come to you wrapped in a beautiful bag. 


Crystal Lore: The birthstone for February, Amethyst has long been one of the most popular crystals. In metaphysical circles, it is considered to be very powerful and protective. It is thought to be very useful in guarding against psychic attack and in clearing negative energy. It is also believed to help with insomnia, in overcoming addictions and in promoting mental stability and clarity. Furthermore, it is also thought to enhance intuitive awareness and connection with one’s angels and guides. This beautiful crystal is a must for every crystal collection! 

 Phantom Quartz has long been prized for its metaphysical properties. It is believed to assist in past life regressions and to help facilitate spiritual growth and inner transformation. 

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